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Here's a list of many Gettysburg PA Restaurants.  You can click on the restaurant name for the menu, if the restaurant has a website, & has the menu online.  The restaurant Phone numbers all have the 717 area code.  The restaurant Addresses all have the city, state, zip of Gettysburg, PA 17325 unless otherwise indicated, & you can click on the address for a LARGE, Screen Filling Map.  To obtain the most recent Hours, if the restaurant has a website page containing them, you can click the Hours for it, otherwise, to be certain, call the restaurant.  We will continue to update this list.

Gettysburg PA Restaurants & Menus  (click for Locations Map)
Name / MENU Phone (717)  Address (click for Map) Hours  
1863 Restaurant 339-0020 95 Presidential Circle, within  Gateway Gettysburg Wyndham Breakfast 6:30a-11:00a
Lunch 11:30a-2p
Dinner 5:30p-10p
Lobby Bar 11:30a-11p
Auntie Anne's Soft Pretzels 337-3760 1863 Gettysburg Village Dr    
Appalachian Brewing Company 334-2200 401 Buford Ave May-Aug Su-Th 11:30p-10:30p kitchen closes 9:30p, F-Sa  11:30p-Midnight kitchen closes 10:30p  
Arby's Roast Beef 338-0115 20 Natural Springs Rd M-Su 10a-12a  
Avenue Restaurant, The 334-3235 21 Steinwehr Ave M-Sa 7a-8p, Su 7a-7p  
Blue Parrot Bistro 337-3739 35 Chambersburg St Lunch Tu-Sa 11:30a-2p
Dinner Tu-Th 5p-9p, F-Sa 5p-9:30p
Branding Iron BBQ 334-5517 1863 Gettysburg Village Dr M-Sa 10a-9p, Su 10a-6p Details
Brigades Restaurant & Lounge 334-6211 516 Baltimore St Breakfast M-Su 7a-11p
Dinner M-Sa 5p-9p
Burger King 337-0899 1275 York Rd Su-Th 6:30a-10p, F-Sa 6:30a-10:30p  
Cannonball Malt Shop 334-9695 11 York St    
Cedar Ridge Restaurant & Lounge 359-9897 1225 Barlow Two Taverns Rd Everyday 10a- .
Centuries on the Square 337-2000 1 Lincoln Sq Breakfast: M-F 7a-10:30a, Sa-Su 7a-11a
Fine Dining: Su-Sa 5p-9p
China Gardens Buffet 334-5183 1980 Baltimore Pike M-Th 10:15a-10:30p, F-Sa 10:15a-  
Corrado's Pizza of Gettysburg 334-1331 1863 Gettysburg Village Dr M-Sa 10a-9p, Su 10a-6p .
Dairy Queen 334-4411 915 York Rd M-Su 11a-11p  
Deliso Pizza Pasta & Subs 337-9500 829 Biglerville Rd M 10:30a-2p, Tu-Th 10:30a-9:30p, F-Sa 10:30a-10:30p, Su 11a-9p  
Dino's Pizza & Subs 337-3453 226 Steinwehr Ave W 11a-  
Distelfink Drive In Restaurant 337-3665 2710 Old Harrisburg Rd Everyday 12p-9p .
Dobbin House Tavern Dining Room 334-2100 89 Steinwehr Ave M-Su 5p-9p or later .
Dobbin House Springhouse Tavern 334-2100 89 Steinwehr Ave M-Su 11:30a-9p or later .
Dog House, The 338-3494 1863 Gettysburg Village Dr, Food Court Suite F-1070 M-Sa 9a-9p, Su 10a-6p  
Domino's Pizza 337-9117 500 York St Su-Th 11a-11p, F-Sa 11a-1a  
Dorothy's Chinese Kitchen 337-9659 44 Natural Springs Rd Everyday 11a-9:30p  
Dunlap's Restaurant & Bakery 334-4816 90 Buford Ave M-Th 6:30a-8p, F-Sa 6:30a-9p, Su 8a-8p  
Earle's Inn 334-3698 2806 York Rd Everyday 11:45a-1:45p  
Eastside Lounge & Restaurant 337-0118 1063A York Rd Su-Thu 10a-10p, F-Sa 10a-11p Crab Cake
El Costeno 339-0029 51 West St Su-Th 11a-9p, F-Sa 11a-10p  
El Sangarito Mexican Store 338-9038 839 Biglerville Rd    
Ernie's Texas Lunch 334-1970 58 Chambersburg St M-Th & Sa 6a-7:30p, F 6a-8:30p .
Farnsworth House Inn 334-8838 401 Baltimore St Everyday 5p-9p .
Farnsworth House Tavern 334-8838 401 Baltimore St Everyday 11:30p-9p .
Friendly's Restaurant 337-1426 445 Steinwehr Ave Everyday 7a-11p .
Garibaldi's Ristorante 338-9200 70 Presidential Circle, (Gateway Gettysburg) OPENING SOON Italian
General Pickets Buffets 334-7580 571 Steinwehr Ave Lunch Buffet M-Sa 11a-3:15
Dinner Buffet M-Sa 4:30p-8p, Su 11a-7p
Gettysbrew 337-1001 248 Hunterstown Rd Tu 4p-9p, W-Su 12a-9p  
Gettysburg Eddie's 334-1100 217 Steinwehr Ave Su-Th 11a-10p, F-Sa 11a-10:30p  
Gettysburg Family Restaurant 337-2700 1275 York Rd M-Sa 6a-9p, Su 7a-8p  
Gina's Place 337-2697 16 E Hanover St Su, Tu-Th 10a-10p, F-Sa 10a-12a .
Gingerbread Man 334-1100 217 Steinwehr Ave Everyday 11a-11p  
Hard Bean Coffee 338-0929 17 Lincoln Sq M-Th 8a-6p, F-Sa 8a-8p, Su 8a-5p .
Herr Tavern & Publick House 334-4332 900 Chambersburg Rd M-Sa 11a-9p, Su 5p-9a  
Hoffman's Bar-B-Que Shop 334-7338 2194 Biglerville Rd Fri-Sa 11a-7p Details
BBQ Brisket
Honey Bee Diner 359-9357 3015 Baltimore Pike    
Hong Kong Restaurant 338-9954 28 Springs Ave Everyday 10:30a-10:30p .
Hoss's Steak & Sea House 337-2961 1140 York Rd Su-Th 11a-9p, F-Sa 11a-10p WiFi Open
Hunt's Original Boardwalk Fry 334-4787 61 Steinwehr Ave Su-Tu, Th 8a-8p, F-Sa 8a-9p .
Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC 334-7678 539 Steinwehr Ave Everyday 10:30a-10p  
La Bella Italia 334-1978 402 York St Su-Th 10:30a-10p, F-Sa 10:30a-11p .
Lincoln Diner 334-3900 32 Carlisle St Always Open 24 hours .
Mad Cow, The 337-1001 248 Hunterstown Rd Tu 4p-9p, W-Su 12a-9p  
May Flowers Asian Buffet & Restaurant 337-3377 533 Steinwehr Ave Su-Th 11a-10p, F-Sa 11a-11p  
McClellan's Tavern 337-2000 1 Lincoln Sq Lunch: Daily 11a-4p
Dinner: Daily 4p-9p
McDonalds 337-1030 1090 York Rd Everyday 5a-12a WiFi Open
McDonalds 334-5920 517 Steinwehr Ave Su-Th 5:30a-11p, F-Sa 5:30a-12a WiFi Open
Mom's Coffeepot 337-9034 65 W Middle St M-F 6a-2p, Su 7a-2p ..
Momma Ventura Restaurant & Pizzeria 334-5548 13 Chambersburg St M-Th 11a-10p, F-Sa 11a-11p .
My Brother's Pizza 339-0599 1685 York Rd M-Th 10:30a-10p, F-Sa 10:30a-11p, Su 11a-9p  
New Garden Chinese Restaurant 337-9995 44 Natural Springs Rd Everyday 10:30a-10:30p Details
Olivia's 359-9357 3015 Baltimore Pike Tu-Th, Su 11a-10p, F-Sa 11a-11p .
Old Eagle Grill 338-9200 70 Presidential Circle, (Gateway Gettysburg) Su-Th 11:30a-10p, F-Sa 11:30a-11p  
O'Rourke's Eatery & Spirits 334-2333 44 Steinwehr Ave Daily 11a-  
Papa John's Pizza 338-1770 44 Natural Springs Rd Su-Th 11a-12a, F-Sa 11a-1a .
Perkins Family Restaurant 337-1923 859 York Rd Su-Th 6a-10p, F-Sa 6a-11p .
Pike Restaurant & Lounge 334-9227 985 Baltimore Pike Su-W 11a-9p, Th-Sa 11a-10p  
Ping's Cafe 334-2234 34 Baltimore St Su 12p-10p, M 11a-9p, Tu-Th 11a-10p, F-Sa 11a-11p Details
Pizza House 334-1308 71 W Lincoln Ave M-Sa 11a-11p, Su 3p-12a  
Pizza Hut 334-2165 237 Buford Ave Su-Th 11a-10p, F-Sa 11a-11p .
Plaza Restaurant & Lounge 334-1999 28 Lincoln Sq Everyday 11a-10p  
Pub & Restaurant, The 334-7100 21 Lincoln Sq M-Th 11a-10p, F-Sa 11a-11p, Su 12p-9p No Reserv
Quiznos Subs 337-3917 1863 Gettysburg Village Dr M-Sa 10a-9p, Su 10a-6p  
Ragged Edge Coffee House 334-4464 110 Chambersburg St Su-Th 7a-8p, F-Sa 7a-10p  
Richards Restaurant & Lounge 334-8121 2634 Emmitsburg Rd Everyday 7a-2p & 5p-9:30p  
Ruby Tuesday Restaurant 334-6127 25 Camp Letterman Dr Su 11a-10p, M-Th 11a-11p, F-Sa 11a-12a .
Scoops 'N Scootz 334-3771 885 Taneytown Rd W-Th 11a-6p, F-Su 11a-6p or later .
Seasons Bakery and Cafe 334-0377 100 Chambersburg St Tu-Sa 6a-6p, Su 8a-5p  
Sheetz 334-0642 30 Camp Letterman Dr Always Open 24 hours  
Spiritfields Pub & Fare 334-9449 619 Baltimore St Su-Th 11a-9p, F-Sa 11a-10p .
Spot, The 334-0979 48 Baltimore St    
Subway 338-9053 705 Old Harrisburg Rd    
Subway Of Gettysburg 337-2411 11 W Railroad St Su-Th 10a-10p, F-Sa 10a-11p  
Subway of Gettysburg Village 338-3484 1863 Gettysburg Village Dr    
Subway of Peebles Plaza 338-9913 35A Camp Letterman Dr Su-Sa 10a-10p  
Tex Diner 337-1776 25 Sandoe Rd M-Th 6a-9p, F-Sa 6a-10p, Su 7a-9p  
TGI Friday's 334-3133 1861 Gettysburg Village Dr Su-Sa 11a-10p  
Thistle Fields Tea Room 338-9131 29 Chambersburg St    
Tommy's Pizza 334-8966 105 Steinwehr Ave Su-Th 11a-11p, F-Sa 11a-12a .
Trader Vic's 334-8877 135 Baltimore St M 10a-5p, Tu-Th 7:30-5p, F 7:30a-2p, Sa 9a-2p .
Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers 334-3100 1268 York Rd Everyday 10a-1a .
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Gettysburg Chamber of Commerce Restaurant 334-8151 18 Carlisle Street, Suite 203 M-F 9a-5p Restaurant 334-2100 89 Steinwehr Ave    
Gettysburg Marketplace Restaurant 334-3428 705 Old Harrisburg Rd, Suite "F"    
Gettysburg Companion Restaurants 334-1131 1570 Fairfield Road, P.O. Box 3669    
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